Age is a condition, not a disease: Senior Pet Wellness

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            It seems just like yesterday that I was buying our dog cute puppy toys and stressing about house breaking…and this January rolled around and Jake turned seven.  A little grayer and a little stiffer, our beloved family pet is now a “senior” pet, which is hard to believe. Life is busy, and time flies. Luckily, he has been healthy as a young dog, but concentration on the future is more important than ever now.

            Beginning at age seven, your pet enters his or her senior years. Here at The Yancey Clinic, we will work with you and your family to provide the best possible care for your aging pet. From blood work to urinalysis and radiographs, we offer a full service of diagnostics for your pet. You know your pet better than anyone else, and can alert us to any changes to his or her health, before they become serious issues. We do our best to help you understand common medical conditions your pet may face, and will offer the best options specifically for your pet. An aging pet is essentially an aging member of your family, and seeing those changes can sometimes be hard to accept.

            There are certain things in our pet’s daily life that we may easily notice- such as stiffness in his or her joints or decreased activity- both which may indicate arthritis.  You may also notice bad breath or difficulty eating. Dental issues are very common as our older pets may develop loose teeth or gum disease. Periodontal disease not only smells bad to us – but the bacteria can cause heart and kidney infections if left untreated. Having routine exams and dental cleanings are such an important step in prolonging good health in your pet. Other things we may pick up on are the loss of hearing or sight, which may become less acute with age.

            However, some of the most serious issues your pet may face may be hiding under the surface. These include liver issues, kidney disease, hyper or hypothyroidism and diabetes. These disease processes are evaluated by screening a small sample of blood from your pet. At the Yancey Clinic, senior blood work is the first step in developing a game plan for your pet. From this, we can gather where your pet is in the aging process, and pick up on any emerging disease processes. Our goal is to keep your pet as healthy and comfortable as they can be-for as LONG as they can be. As in our own lives, we understand your pet is an important member of your family.

            So if you find that time has passed you by as quickly as it has me, and your furry family member is a little slower these days, let us help you along the way to keeping him or her healthy and happy. After all, age is a condition, not a disease. For more information, please read the Senior Pet Care section at, and schedule your pet’s senior wellness exam today.

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