CAT | Grooming

Just like you, your pet needs groomed too.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Just as you like to go have your hair and nails done from time to time, so does your pet. Okay, so maybe they don’t like it, but they need it. Grooming serves many purposes in a pet’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis – and it makes them pretty!

Your pet’s coat typically changes with the seasons, but it doesn’t always do it very fast or very well on its own, so it will sometimes require additional help from either yourself or a professional groomer. Not only that, but in order to maintain proper pet hygiene your pet should be regularly brushed and trimmed – this also allows for a periodic check of your buddy’s skin to be made to make sure they are pest-free and that their skin is in tip-top shape.

Grooming includes anything from just a simple bath to a bath, cut and nail trim. It’s important for your pet to get his or her nails trimmed regularly so that they don’t become painful and infected, but also so that you and your house can remain scratch free. Certain breeds require more frequent grooms. Some can require one every six to eight weeks, while others can go a few months in between visits. It’s important to know this information when looking into purchasing a new friend for your home because it’s an added, but necessary, expense to include in your budget.

Grooming can make both you and your pet more comfortable. A groomed pet will typically shed less, feel cooler in the warm months, smell better and leave you and your home feeling much more clean. If you would like to know more about grooming and what our clinic offers visit our website at, or give us a call at (740) 386–6633.