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TTA Surgery: Possibly the best option for your dog’s knee repair

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012


TTA Surgery: Possibly the best option for your dog’s knee repair


            When your Vet tells you your dog needs surgery due to a torn ACL, your stomach might sink a little as you think “wow, this is way more serious than just a sprain…” –and it is. But, luckily for your best friend, there’s a great new option for your dog’s knee repair called the TTA or Tibial Tuberosity Advancement. Routinely this would involve setting up a consultation and surgical plans at a major  metropolitan veterinary hospital, but it is now being offered right here at The Yancey Clinic of Veterinary Medicine in Marion, Ohio.

            When your dog ruptures his or her ACL, it is extremely painful and most dogs will exhibit lameness and avoid bearing weight on the leg- this type of injury is most common in middle aged larger breed dogs that are slightly overweight. When this ligament ruptures, or completely tears, it allows for front to back instability and internal rotation of the lower leg. If left untreated, it will become very arthritic and will continue to be painful from the instability.

            The TTA procedure is fairly new and it just may be the best option for repairing your best friend’s knee and getting him or her back into action. This surgery involves rotating the tibial tuberosity (part of a bone located under the knee), and stabilizing the knee with a titanium implant and plate. By placing the implant, if offsets the forces of the knee that make it unstable, and then stabilizes the joint once again. The implants are very light weight and are designed to stay in place permanently.

            It’s good to keep in mind though, once your dog has injured its leg, recovery after any type of surgery is never going to be 100%. Most dogs are walking at about 75 % normal by 2 weeks and 90-95% by 8 weeks after surgery. An ACL tear can be both devastating to both you and your dog, especially if you have a very active life style. So if you find yourself faced with the decision of surgery, rest assured that Dr. Yancey can provide top surgical options right here in Marion, Ohio.